Change of Name

When a person who is in the status of the entrepreneur changes the first name, surname, data is to be entered in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and individuals - entrepreneurs and community groups. Based on the application the state registrar entrepreneur spends accordingly. Also, given the state registrar a copy of the document confirming the change of surname, name and patronymic.
If an individual - entrepreneur is a single tax payer or VAT, information about the name change allows the tax office to amend the relevant registers.
If an individual - entrepreneur opened an account in a banking institution, the relevant information is a bank employee to make changes.
If you have enough time to deal with this process, you can resort to our firm.
We will conduct all the necessary changes in the relevant registers and get updated registration document (extract from the USR, extracts from relevant registers).
Cost of service:
If you are registered within the city. Kyiv -  600 UAH.
If you are registered in California - 750 UAH.
If you registered any - other region Ukraine - agreed price.
The cost of services not included notary registration of power of attorney, which is 350 UAH. and the state fee charged for amendments to the Unified State Register, which is 180 UAH. If you have your own stamp notarized power of attorney for Kyiv and Kyiv region can not execute.
The cost of manufacturing the new seal with a new surname, name and patronymic will make 400 UAH.