Liquidation Entities

The process of liquidation of the legal entity is fairly complicated and lengthy. The most common form of liquidation is liquidation on the initiative of the owner. That is, when the owner (participants, founders) of the legal entity decides to terminate an entrepreneurial activity and begins the process of liquidation as desired.
The decision to start the liquidation process is made protocol, which set the terms of presentation of creditors appointed liquidator or the liquidation committee.
The first stage of the liquidation procedure is completed amendments to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and individuals - entrepreneurs and community groups, as state registrar makes an entry.
At this stage begins the removal of legal entity accounting for tax and other regulatory authorities. At this stage the legal person spot checks on compliance with applicable laws. After that, all documents of a legal entity shall be in the archives.
When all checks passed and entity completely removed from the register, the state registrar is the final entry in the Unified State Register of Legal Entity Termination of the date of termination.
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As a result of an appeal to our firm you receive a full and complete support of the process of liquidation of the legal entity.
The cost of services is discussed in each case and depends on the location of legal entity, turnover, number of employees and others.
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