Changes manager

Changing the legal entity's registration is the action that is associated with changes in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and individuals - entrepreneurs and community groups, as it says full name is the name of the CEO.
To change the head of the legal person shall convene a general meeting and take a decision on the dismissal of the head and the appointment of his new position. The decision is made in the minutes.
After changing the head of the Unified State Register, relevant information automatically within 24 hours sent to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine and other regulatory authorities.
The head of the legal person is an officer of the company and its executive body. If you change the manager, not later than the date of dismissal must notify the tax office by filing a notice prescribed format.

The result of our work are:
minutes of the general meeting to change the head;
Amendments to the Unified State Register:
New extracts from the Unified State Register;
if necessary - the tax office filing reports a new leader.

Cost of services:
700 UAH. - if a legal person registered in the city. Kyiv;
900 UAH. - if a legal person registered in Kyiv region;
The cost of the procedure for changing the head of legal entities, the location of which is every other region of Ukraine - negotiated.
The cost of filing the tax office reporting a new leader - 300 UAH.
In the cost does not include the amount of state fee charged for amendments to the Unified State Register in the amount of 530 UAH.