Change of name

Changing the name of a legal entity - a registration action that is related to the amendments to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and individuals - entrepreneurs and community groups. If you change the name necessarily amending the founding document of the legal entity, making out it appropriate solution (such as minutes).
After the name change in the Unified State Register should make a seal with a new name.
Name of Entity requires changes not only in the Unified State Register, but the tax inspection. For example if you are a payer single tax or VAT you need to make changes in the relevant register and receive one new lifts.
With us you get the help:
preparation of all necessary documents (protocol status and etc.).
Registration of steps to change the name of a district state administration;
obtaining an extract from the Unified State Register indicating the name of the new entity;
of changes in the legal entity name in the relevant tax office;
extracts from the register of taxpayers single tax or VAT (if the entity is a payer of any of these taxes);
seal with a new name.
Cost of services:
1700 UAH - if the entity is registered within the city. Kyiv;
2000 UAH - if the place of registration of the legal entity is Kyiv region;
If a company registered in any - other region Ukraine - agreed price.
The cost of services not included notary services and public duty for a change to the USR, which is 530 UAH.