Changing Business

In the course of their business situation may arise when you are thinking to expand retraining or areas of your business. But the question on the conformity of Economic Activities (NACE) that you have today, those activities that you plan to do in the future.
Thus there is a need in the selection of new activities for NACE and of changes in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and individuals - entrepreneurs and community groups and the relevant tax office (if you are a single tax payer).
If activity by NACE not written in the charter of your company, in addition to changes in the unified state register, you need to make changes to the Charter company.
To save your time, for the purpose of recruiting qualified new economic activities and all necessary registration actions, we recommend our firm.

What do you get contacting us?
- a qualified selection of necessary class activity NACE (Classification of Economic Activities);
- Preparation of documents and registration of action for inclusion (or exclusion) of economic activity;
- amendments to the Statute of the company (if necessary);
- obtaining extracts from the USR (in the case when the main activity);
- Preparation of documents and of changes in the tax office (if you are a single tax payer);
- a new excerpt from the registry single taxpayers (if you are a single tax payer).

Cost of service:
If you are registered within the city. Kyiv - 700 UAH.
If you are registered in California - 900 UAH.
If you registered any - other region of Ukraine - negotiable.
The cost of services does not include the amount of state fee for amendments to the Unified State Register, which is 530 UAH. and the cost of notarial services if necessary amend the Charter.