Sales companies with VAT

You have decided to organize their own business or expand an existing one and you need to create a legal entity status and obtain a VAT The best solution for you is buying already-registered company that did not conduct activities and registered as a VAT payer.
Why should just buy the company? But it is more expensive than the order of incorporation from scratch?
So. But buying the company excluded the next day you can conduct financial and business operations with VAT, rather than wait sometimes up to 2 - oh months until the new company will register the payer RAP.
According to the Tax Code has the right to voluntarily register as VAT payers, without corresponding turnover by submitting to the tax authority application form no later than 20 calendar days before the beginning of the tax period from which you want to get VAT status.
But business dictates very fast pace both in terms of decision making and the organizational sphere of activity of companies. Therefore, more people prefer to have registered and fully ready for business work.
There is a time to wait? - We will help you register a company and obtain VAT status.
No time, but it is time to act and make money? - Get registered company VAT and tomorrow begin to make a profit!
All companies are offered for sale with VAT status. Bank accounts have not been made, the activity was not conducted.
Cost of registration depends on the area and the need for further legal address.
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