Limited Liability Company

Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the most common organizational - legal form of legal entity in Ukraine.


To date, the main advantages of LLC are:


responsibility founders limited the size of their share in the authorized capital of the company;

no minimum share capital;

Ltd. founders can be individuals, as citizens of Ukraine and foreigners, legal entities regardless of country of registration.


It should be remembered that the Limited Liability can not be the sole member of another business entity, to which the same person. A person may be a member of only one of a limited liability company, which has one competitor (ch. 2, Art. 141 of the Civil Code of Ukraine).


In order to register Ltd. must first determine the direction of the company. It is also necessary to clearly define:


LLC Ukrainian language name (optional, except the Ukrainian language, the name may be contained in any other languages). Company name - a unique name of the company that should exactly match the name of other companies of the same organizational form;
Ltd share capital, which currently is not limited to a minimum or maximum limits;
distribution of shares among the founders of the company (if more than one founders);
Ltd. location;
NACE activities for 2010;
tax system (simplified or general) as well as the need for VAT registration;
contact information (phone number, e-mail to others.).


Open registration procedure defined by law. In order to properly and timely conduct state registration OOO better to turn to professionals who are employees of our company.


What do you get contacting us?


assistance in choosing activities and their compliance with NACE 2010;

free advice regarding choosing the optimal tax system;

preparation of statutory documents;

the state registration of the LLC in the regional administrations;

Description (document confirming the fact of state registrar registration statement and which has a unique digital code for an extract from the Unified State Register)

Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and individuals - entrepreneurs (in the past - the certificate of registration);

Extract from the register of single tax payers and registration of VAT payers (depending on the chosen system of taxation);

seal with the name of the company.


Registration in the State Fiscal Service (DFS) Ukraine and the statistics carried out automatically after the state registration of LLC.


Period of performance:


Registration Ltd - 2 business days after receiving your attorney and notary signing of the Charter;

register a single tax payer - from 5 to 10 days, depending on the territorial tax office (this term includes obtaining an extract from the registry single taxpayers);

VAT registration - 3 business days (in the case of voluntary or compulsory VAT registration);

get an extract from the register of VAT payers - 3 working days from the date of registration as VAT.


Status Single Tax and VAT can be checked at any time on the official website of DFS Ukraine.


Cost of services:


Open registration - 1500 UAH.

Open registration as a payer single tax or VAT - 500 UAH.


The cost of services not included notary registration of power of attorney, which is, and optional certification of signatures on the founding statutes.


Additional Services:


an electronic digital signature (makes it possible to report tax via the Internet) - 650 UAH.

register cash register (payment transactions) - 1500 UAH.

registration of employees - 300 UAH. per person.

a license for the retail sale of alcoholic beverages - 1500 UAH.

a license for the retail sale of tobacco products - 1500 UAH.