Individual entrepreneur


If you want to start your own business but do not have the desire to create a legal entity, you need to sign up as an individual - entrepreneur (FLP).

Get status FOP can both resident and non-resident of Ukraine. In case of registration FLP non-residents of Ukraine must obtain a temporary residence permit, indicating the place of registration in Ukraine and the registration number of the taxpayer's registration card (ID).

Prior to the registration of individual entrepreneur you must decide with:

  • activities that you want to deal with (by NACE-2010);
  • taxation (flat tax or the total system).

At this stage, you have to state registration in district administration. Registration in the State Fiscal Service (DFS) Ukraine and the statistics carried out automatically after the state registration of FLP.

When passed this stage, if you simplified taxation system must submit an application to the territorial authority DFS at the place of your registration and register book of income (or Book of income and expenses in the event you elect the general taxation system).

To save yourself hassle and possible mistakes during registration FOP, we recommend our firm. With extensive experience in this area we will register and efficiently in no time.

In order for our company specialists started the work necessary to issue a notarized power of attorney on your behalf to conduct registration actions and provide a copy of the passport and identification number.

What do you get contacting us?

  • assistance in the selection of activities and according to NACE 2010;
  • free advice on the choice of optimal tax system for you;
  • Individual state registration in district administrations;
  • Description (document confirming the fact of state registrar of the registration statement, and which has a unique digital code for an extract from the Unified State Register)
  • Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and individuals - entrepreneurs (in the past - the certificate of registration)

If you elect the simplified tax system we present documents to the territorial tax office and get:

  • Excerpt from registry single tax payers;
  • registered book of income.

Registration in the tax office as the payer of the single social contribution (Single Contribution) takes place automatically, which is a record in the statement of USR.

Terms of performance:

  • Registration FOP (regardless of place of residence) - 2-4 working days from receipt of your notary warrant;
  • register a single tax payer and the book of income (if the individual has a residence in the city. Kyiv) - 5 to 10 days, depending on the territorial tax.
  • register a single tax payer and the book of income (if the individual has a residence in any other region of Ukraine) - from 10 to 20 days, depending on the territorial tax.

Status single tax payer natural person - entrepreneur gets from the date of state registration (if selected 3 groups of single tax), or the first day of the month following the day of registration (if selected first or second group of the single tax), which allows you to start working with certain date not yet having the extract from the register of single tax payers.

Single tax payer status can be checked at any time on the official website of DFS Ukraine.

Cost of services:

  • Individual registration of residence permit for the city. Kyiv -  500 UAH. (Including registered a single tax payer and the book of income).
  • Individual registration of residence in any region of Ukraine - 1300 UAH. (Including registered a single tax payer and the book of income).

The cost of services not included notary registration of power of attorney.


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Additional Services:

  • seal - 400 UAH.
  • an electronic digital signature (makes it possible to report tax via the Internet) - 350 UAH.
  • register cash register (of payment transactions) - 1500 UAH.
  • registration of employees - 300 UAH. per person.
  • a license for the retail sale of alcoholic beverages - 1500 UAH.
  • a license for retail trade in tobacco products - 1500 UAH.
  • Accounting support of activity - from 500 UAH. in place.